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Peter Dean

World Champion Powerboat Racer

For more than 42 years, Propco has been involved in marine engineering, propeller design and boat manufacturing. During this time, Propco has actively promoted safer and better boating through several marine industry organizations. At Propco, we are dedicated to setting higher standards for the marine industry and increasing customer satisfaction.

In 1984 Dean combined his driving expertise and engineering background to design and develop a four-blade propeller for all outboard, inboard and IO power systems that would live up to his own world-class expectations.  Dean introduced the four-and five-blade Propco propellers at the Chicago International Trade Show that year.  At the1989 show, his new six-and eight-blade models were enthusiastically received by the boating public and industry.  With these successes, Dean has set the pace of the propeller industry, and is destined to continue producing these revolutionary designs for years to come.

First and foremost, Dean is a driver who stays in touch with the needs of drivers like himself.   Always available to consult with customers.  He welcomes and responds readily to questions and concerns regarding propellers.  Like everyone at Propco, Peter Dean is committed to making sure your Propco propeller gives you the perfect performance you demand.

The F-91 Heads Out For The Race!

"BC" Thanking Peter For His Help!

Peter Steadies The Boat

At The Pre-Race Weigh In!

Peter Helping With Some

Last Minute Tips!

The Future of Propeller Technology is Peter Dean Peter Dean's Racing Scrapbook - St. Cloud, FL
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