Lithographic Restoration/Recreation
An initial high-resolution scan was made of the damaged lithograph. It was then converted to a black and white image. Care was taken to remove, stains, scratches and other damage. Once this was accomplished the image was painstakingly hand colored on a layer just above the line work by the original artist so not to damge his work. Once completed the sky was drawn in and colored and the type reset. This can be done to most prints and artwork where texture is not required such as some watercolors.

To the right is an authentic recreation/restoration of a 143 year old Civil War lithograph. Which one would you like hanging on your wall?

One of our most requested services is the restoration and sometimes authentic recreation of art or lithographic prints. There are two schools of thought regarding restoration versus recreation. The old school way of thought is if it's a recreation then it's not original. How original would it be to treat a 100 year old lithograph with chemicals and then recolor it with 21st century inks. In my mind, not very!

With an authentic recreation the original is unharmed. It can be put away and protected from further damage. With an authentic recreation materials as close to the originals are used such as 100% rag paper and pigment-based inks. Great care must be taken to stay true to form with the color and line work of the original piece.